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Escola Port

The marine and maritime training center Escola Port offers to the Cluster members in 2019 preferential conditions in terms of training, obtaining and/or updating the different certificates and professional qualifications required in maritime safety, through their approved courses for the development of any professional position in the maritime industry.

More information:  Escola Port (+PDF)


R+D+I platform with Eurecat

The Barcelona Cluster Nautic collaborates with Eurecat, Technological Center of Catalonia, in order to offer the cluster members a platform dedicated to R+D+I, which can provide technological solutions to the needs of the companies.

More information: Eurecat presentation (+PDF)


Dual vocational training (FP Dual)

Dual vocational training is jointly organized by companies and schools, through a collaboration agreement with each company or entity. The Barcelona Education Consortium coordinates this program, which allows Cluster members to host internships students. The new Barcelona Nautical Institute is part of the Consortium network.

If you are interested in hosting students in your company or would like further information, please contact Feliu López Vidal:

More information: FP Dual (+PDF)

Barcelona Nautical Institute website


Agreement with the Universitat Abat Oliba CEU

The Barcelona Clúster Nàutic has signed a collaboration agreement with the Abat Oliba CEU University. Following this agreement, CEU ePlus program students can develop the internships in companies members of the Cluster. This agreement is part of the objective of the Cluster to generate quality employment in the marine sector in Barcelona and surroundings.

If you are interested in hosting students in your company or would like further information, please contact Olga Lasaga or Tere Farriols, by email or at 93 254 09 00.

More information
: Programa Orientación y Empleo Universitat Abat Oliba CEU (+PDF)


Cooperation Agreement with the Faculty of Nautical Studies

The Faculty of Nautical Studies of Barcelona and Barcelona Nautical Cluster have reached an agreement to enable companies and organisations associated to the Cluster to receive final-year students to carry out their end-of-degree projects. Any companies that so wish may also sign a cooperation agreement with the university if the student has a particularly important dedication to its facilities; they may also enter into a confidentiality agreement if the results obtained in these end-of-degree projects concern intellectual property.

The purpose of this agreement is to bring students of higher nautical studies closer to the professional market and introduce them to this market to allow their end-of-degree project to have a more professional focus based on real objectives. The agreement exemplifies the commitment of both organisations towards expertise and added-value creation within the nautical sector.

If you are interested in hosting students in your company or would like further information, please contact Santiago Ordás: / 93 401 79 11 - 93 401 79 27.

Any companies interested in taking on a student to perform an end-of-degree project may get in touch with the coordinators of the various courses of the Faculty of Nautical Studies so that they can help to find a possible tutor. These courses are:

- Bachelor Degree in Nautical Studies and Maritime Transport: Xavier Martínez de Osés

- Bachelor Degree in Marine Technology: Manuel Rodríguez

- Bachelor Degree in Naval Systems and Technology: Sergio Romero

- Master's degree in Nautical Engineering and Maritime Transport: Marcel·la Castells

- Master's degree in Marine Engineering: Ignacio Echevarrieta

More information: Cooperation agreement between the Faculty of Nautical Studies of Barcelona and Barcelona Nautical Cluster (PDF)


Work session entitled "Technologies in the Maritime Nautical and Port field"

On Friday 13 February, Barcelona Nautical Cluster organised a work session in collaboration with the UPC's Centre for Innovation and Technology entitled "Technologies in the Maritime Nautical and Port field. Exploring ideas to create value".

The conference served to gain a first-hand knowledge of some of the technological projects being developed by companies in the private sector through agreements with research centres linked to the UPC. The people responsible for running the meeting and presenting various technological innovation projects were:

Jaume Castellà of the UPC's Centre for Developing Sensor, Instruments and Systems

- Antoni Sudrià from CITCEA UPC

- Joaquin del Rio, from the UPC's Remote Acquisition and Information Processing Technology Development Centre (SARTI UPC)

- Julio Garcia from the CIMNE of the Faculty of Nautical Studies

More information: "Technologies in the Maritime Nautical and Port field. Exploring ideas to create value". (+PDF) 


FP on Board

The signing of a cooperation agreement between the BCN Formació Professional (Vocational Training) Foundation and Barcelona Nautical Cluster to promote the relationship between vocational training and companies of Barcelona's nautical sector is an important step towards stimulating job creation and creating added value in the economy of the city, its metropolitan area and the country as a whole.

As a result of this agreement, the companies and organisations associated to Barcelona Nautical Cluster can host students enrolled in vocational training centres in Barcelona for training placements in the nautical sector. These companies have the chance to continue the education of their students through the BCN FP Foundation's own projects.

The success of this programme during the last academic year is proof of the value of this initiative and the commitment to innovation, generating synergies and pooling efforts.

If you are interested in hosting students in your company or would like further information, please write to Cinta Daudé

More information: FP on Board 2014-2015 (+PDF)




The best teams will meet at the 47 CaixaBank Conde de Godó Trophy. Real Club Nautico de Barcelona will become the focus of the national sailing world.



Superyacht Technology Conference and Awards will gather in Barcelona the best of the technology companies from both within the superyacht industry and outside.



The Barcelona International Boat Show concentrates all supply and all the news of sports and recreational boating. Motor boats and sailing, fishing and walking, canoes, kayaks, boats, trailers or sportswear…[+]



#SentirElMar campaign

The Barcelona Clúster Nàutic has launched the #SentirElMar campaign, to promote nautical and yachting holidays for this summer.


Between 30 and 50% activity drop

The Barcelona Clúster Nàutic has organized the online session "We listen to the industry", focused on sharing information on the expectations of the season and on putting on the table…[+]


The blue economy, a sea of opportunities

The Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, within the framework of the 4helix+ European project, has organized with the collaboration of the Barcelona Clúster Nàutic the webinar “We are a sea…[+]






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