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Marina Port Vell invests 20 million to improve its facilities

The company, a member of the Cluster since its inception, wants to position Barcelona as a destination for long-haul ships. The project will include some reforms that, once completed, will offer 23 new moorings for superiors up to 70 meters long. According to Marina Port Vell, 1 superhero generates 3 million euros a year for Barcelona.

Marina Port Vell has announced an investment of 20 million euros in 2022 to increase the port's capacity to accommodate superiors. The refurbishment will make it possible to locate 23 new moorings to accommodate boats up to 70 meters long. With this investment, the total area for the mooring of large vessels will exceed 8,500 square meters.

This investment will be accompanied by a redevelopment project that will affect 17,637 square meters. The spaces that remain within these reforms are the docks of Baix Muralla, El Dipòsit, Barceloneta, Spain and Rellotge. The remodeling of the space includes the installation of charging points for electric vehicles and the creation of new spaces where vegetation will play a key role.

Ignacio Erroz, general manager of Marina Port Vell, pointed out that the actions would be completed in approximately 12 or 14 months. Beyond the two major actions, the expansion of moorings and redevelopment, the third leg is that it plays a more important technical role. A new fuel supply system will be built that will reduce the risk of environmental pollution and improve infrastructure safety.

Marina Port Vell, received the support of the new president of the Port of Barcelona, ​​Damià Calvet; of the Deputy Delegate of the Government of Spain, Carlos Prieto; of the Secretary of Territory and Mobility of the Generalitat, Isidre Gavín and Xavier Marcé, Councilor for Tourism and Creative Industries of Barcelona City Council. All of them enhance this facility and its importance as a great asset of the city, which provides new opportunities and is focused on a profile of quality visitors that the city deserves. It should be remembered that, according to Marina Port Vell, 1 superiot generates an economic impact of 3 million euros per year for the city of Barcelona.



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Barcelona Clúster Nàutic

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