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Solé Iberia: a new brand with a wide range of marine solutions that focuses on electric motors.

Solé Diesel S.A., a family business dedicated to the manufacture of engines for ships, generators and marine accessories. It was founded more than a hundred years ago, and has been a member of the Cluster for some time. Solé Diesel offers personalized and made-to-measure products for leisure and professional boats.

In mid-May, it presented its new brand Solé Iberia, a brand with a wide range of marine solutions for all types of boats. The newly created brand will focus its efforts on the distribution of various nautical products, leaving the prominence for manufacturing to Solé S.A.

Solé Iberia has a solid structure and a long experience. Since 2011 it has been distributing Hyundai SeasAll products and has been adding new brands to its catalog. Brands such as Mitsubichi Marine, with its underboard engines for professional use with powers between 129 and 2040 hp, COX with its revolutionary 300 hp outboard diesel engines with 25% less fuel consumption than a gasoline outboard engine, or Tchnodrive's mechanical and hydraulic marine inverters, are some of the references distributed by the brand.

From the Cluster, however, we want to emphasize the commitment to the sustainable development of nautical activity and we have focused on one of the products that most reinforces this value. They are ePropulsion motors, environmentally friendly outboard electric motors, quiet and light, with powers between 1 and 6 kW.

You can find out more about these engines on the Solé Iberia website:



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